What is Hydration?

The Importance of Hydration

  • Hydration is critically important for optimal performance, because all Functions and Processes in the body depend on fluids to function properly, such as:
    • Transporting Food/Raw Materials;
    • Removing Wastes (Metabolic By-Products);
    • Eliminating Heat (Thermal Regulation);
  • During extended periods of activity, Dehydration will ultimately contribute to Fatigue or Muscle Cramping, which will “prematurely” end the activity. So, it is critically important to begin activity hydrated and to maintain hydration for as long as possible during activity.

Hydration Deficit During Activity

  • During activity, fluid loss will most often exceed your ability hydrate, so it is extremely important to:

    • Pre-Hydrate fully before activity
    • Hydrate during activity with the quickest, most effective Hydration Beverage available.

  • Hydrus is the most advanced Hydration Beverage available, utilizing Nanosome™ Technology for fast, effective absorption. Traditional sports drinks rely on 50 year-old technology; They use sugar to deliver electrolytes (also known as the glucose-sodium co-transport mechanism).