Introducing Hydrus Racing

The Off-Road Championship came to Route 66 Speedway for Chicagoland Slam. This was the second doubleheader race on the 2016 national championship calendar – and it was also the debut of Hydrus Racing. TORC truck racing brings out the best drivers on dirt for huge jumps, close competition, and fender bashing, non-stop action. The Hydrus™ super buggy was piloted by veteran driver Steve Krieman.

Inside the cab, under the hot Midwest sun, with a powerful engine raging just feet away, any driver has to stay hydrated in order to avoid fatigue and loss of mental sharpness. Then put him in a fire-retardant suit and put him under the stress of speed, jumps, and steeply banked turns, and hydration becomes even more essential and even harder to maintain. Hydrus™ kept Steve going through an initial day of practice racing, and then two days of intense competition.

But in addition to the challenge of fierce off-road racing on the Dirt Oval at Route 66, Steve has an additional challenge he faces every day: diabetes. Steve has to stay properly hydrated, but any drink with sugar is completely out of the question. Behind the wheel during a race, Steve has an even greater need of hydration than other drivers, and Hydrus™ gives that to him with absolutely no sugar. Hydrus’ breakthrough Nanosome™ encapsulation delivers water and electrolytes throughout Steve’s body faster. With no sugar, this kind of hydration is ideal for Steve and anyone managing their diabetes.

So how did Steve do in his first race using Hydrus? Second place in a packed and competitive field is pretty impressive. And Hydrus™ can give anyone an edge behind the wheel, whether that’s in traffic during the morning commute, taking the kids to camp, or driving the family across country for summer vacation. You don’t have to be racing for fatigue and loss of concentration to impair your driving skills. And whether or not you have to manage diabetes or another medical condition, with no sugar Hydrus™ adds no calories to your diet.

Congratulations to Steve Krieman on his great finish in the Off-Road Championship. Enhanced Hydration. No sugar. No calories. Yes Hydrus – Go Hydrus Racing!

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