Hot Summer? Drink Hydrus!

“I was a runner since 11-years-old and ran competitively till about 20-years-old, a couple years in college. I started CrossFit and fell in love. Hydrus has helped me so much because I am somehow blessed with the ability to be drenched in sweat by tying my shoes too fast. So you can imagine a concrete gym with no air conditioning in El Paso, Texas (I think yesterday was 103 degrees). My legs cramp constantly, and one day I heard a little bit about you all on a CrossFit podcast and looked more into it. I tried Hydrus and I felt a change. I know I need a lot more water than my 64-90 oz a day especially with the amount I sweat, and the fact that I'm at the gym 5:30-8:30 7 days a week – and my love for coffee doesn't help this. Hydrus has helped so much for my leg muscle cramping! Thanks for making such a great product!”

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