Breaking Records with Hydrus

Heidi Howar broke the all time world record total (compiled by Michael Soong) in women’s equipped 132, competing in only her second equipped meet. Heidi totaled 1,345 at Laura Phelps-Sweatt’s Cincinnati women’s pro-am, with a 530 squat, 340 bench, and a 475 deadlift. Heidi’s Hydrus success story in her own words:

“I'm a 132 pro multiply powerlifter and I just broke the total record and will be going for more records in November. I have used Hydrus for a couple of meets and I am amazed at how well I have performed because of it. Hydrus is the best hydration product I've ever used to rehydrate after a weight cut. I usually cut 10-13 pounds and I used to use IVs. I don't use IVs anymore and I just use Hydrus. Laura Phelps-Sweatt told me to use Hydrus and I've bought it ever since! Thank you so much.

Enhanced hydration. Enhanced endurance. Enhanced recovery. No cramping. No sugar. No calories. Yes Hydrus!

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