Hydration at High Altitudes

Up high? You’ll need to make sure you stay hydrated. At higher altitudes, you breathe harder and more frequently because of the thinner air. Every time you exhale, your body loses water with each breath. There is also lower humidity higher up, causing increased fluid loss through the skin. Add to these external conditions energy-expending activities like hiking, skiing, and snowboarding, all wrapped up in heavy clothing because of the cold, and staying hydrated high up can be difficult.

Reach for Hydrus to enhance you hydration. Coffee, tea, soda, juice, and sugary drinks can leach additional fluids from your body. Hydrus has no sugar, but its great taste makes staying hydrated easy.

At 6,000 feet, you exhale and perspire twice as much as at sea level. Over the course of an active day, that can mean the loss of over a quart of water from your body. Replace it with Hydrus.

High altitude – Hydrus! Visit our local Hydrus representative Chris Holz at our location in Dillon, Colorado.

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