Stock Up for the Season

As the holiday shopping season is upon us, don't forget Hydrus for all the athletes among your family and friends. There's not sport or training routine that Hydrus can't improve with enhanced hydration that comes without sugar or calories.

These athletes are participants in the Vero Beast Partner Throwdown at CrossFit Vero Beach in Florida. Even if you're in colder climates that the Sunshine State, dehydration can seriously impair physical training, endurance, recovery, and even mental acuity. Hydrus, with its breakthrough Nanosome delivery, speeds essential water and electrolytes throughout your body faster and without unwanted sugar that actually slows absorption.

Hydrus is also beneficial for those on your gift-list who simply want better hydration for overall well-being. Proper hydration positively affects all the systems of the body, making dry winter skin healthier and preventing the fatigue that comes in overly heated rooms. And the morning after Christmas party or too much eggnog at Grandma's house, Hydrus returns water and electrolytes to the body faster, speeding holiday recovery.

Coming in bottles or packets of concentrate, Hydrus is easy to fit into a stocking or gift bag. Deliver Hydrus to loved ones this holiday season. Hydrus is the gift that keeps on giving hydration and healthy lifestyles.

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