Running Away with Hydrus

Amanda Nyx is a runner and fitness guru who blogs at "Adventures with FitNyx" She's been using Hydrus in her training over the summer, and this is her Hydrus experience:

"We're finally coming to the end of the summer right now, but the last three months have been absolutely brutal, one of the hottest seasons we've ever seen here. Old Amanda would have just found ways to hide in the air conditioning or in front of a fan all summer, but New Amanda is a runner in marathon training.  Without a treadmill, I haven't really had an option to avoid the outdoors, but as a heavy sweater, I struggle even in cooler temperatures to stay properly hydrated.  Constant 90-degree forecasts had me a little scared as we headed into summer, but then I made a connection that not only saved my training schedule, it also enhanced the training I was able to do: Hydrus.

Sure, there are tons of electrolyte mixes out there for athletes to choose from, but so far this is the only liquid version I've seen.  And it turns out, the liquid delivery form is the secret to the success I've experienced using Hydrus.  Basically the electrolytes are stored in little bubbles in the liquid, which absorb much more quickly into the body.  Not only does it absorb faster, but those bubbles also pull in even more of that good ol' H2O, leading to increased hydration.  When you're running in the scorching hot summer, every last bit of water that can get into your body is essential!

On several occasions, I could feel how dehydrated I was early in the day.  Sluggish, sore, sleepy, with that cottony taste in my mouth.  But, I'm marathon training, which means even on hot days when I'm already depleted, I really can't miss a run.  I keep a bottle of Hydrus (orange flavor, my preference over the lemon lime) at work with a big bottle; on mid-week run days or days before a morning run, I'll drink at least one bottle worth of prepared water to start the lubrication process early.  By the end of the bottle, there's a remarkable difference in how alert I am, how energized I feel, and how ready I am to run.  If it's a short run, I'll prep another bottle for when I finish; longer runs, I take small bottles of Hydrus-infused agua with me.  A few times, I've forgotten to drink my Hydrus before a run, and I seriously struggled on those outings!  Cramping and overheating (even on night runs) hit me after just a couple miles - but if I pulled out the Hydrus as soon as I got home, the negative sensations went away quickly.

Hydrus also seems to be helping with nausea and heartburn issues.  One particularly bad run, for which I neglected to pre-hydrate properly, I felt overwhelmingly awful for the entire four miles. I remember Tweeting mid-run to ask other runners what the etiquette is for puking in someone's front yard.  I somehow managed to hold down my dinner, but the queasiness made every step agony.  The moment I got in the door, I tore into a Hydrus packet and chugged.  It only took about two minutes for my nausea to go away! Similarly, a couple times I foolishly decided to run after eating some very spicy Indian food, which gave me some pretty nasty heartburn mid-run.  A few swigs of Hydrus had that problem solved neat as you please.

I wouldn't have made it through many of my runs these past few months if it wasn't for Hydrus. Even non-run days when I wasn't feeling well, mixing up a bottle and drinking a little extra made me feel so much better very quickly.  The orange flavor is right on the money for my tastes! Slightly citrusy without being overwhelmingly so, it's refreshing and easily drinkable in any situation.  I'd like to try adding it to smoothies too, since it would blend nicely with the fruity flavors.  I've also noticed exactly ZERO gut problems with Hydrus, which is a chronic problem for many runners experimenting with different fuel and electrolyte options.  Knowing I can chug away at my Hydrus and not have any awkward problems later is great feeling.

By now, you've probably guessed that my plan is to keep myself very well stocked with Hydrus as I continue increasing my training mileage, even as the temperatures cool. Staying consistent is a big part of success, and I have been very much enjoying my many successes of late!  I'm hunting down a few more goals for next year beyond just completing my first full marathon - for example, I'm hoping to continue my half-marathon-each-month trend into a full year, and I'll be gunning for a sub-25 5k next spring - and I know I'll need Hydrus by my side to accomplish my increasingly ambitious goals."

Enhanced hydration. Enhanced endurance. No sugar. No calories. Yes Hydrus!

Good luck in your training, Amanda!

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