Getting Air on the Water with Hydrus

As summer comes to a close, on Lake Michigan off the coast of downtown Chicago, the International Jet Sports Boating Association hosted the National Closed Course Championships alongside the second round of P1 AquaX USA Great Lake Series. An event showcasing the ultimate combination of high powered, adrenaline-packed personal watercraft action – of course Hydrus was there.

The IJSBA USA National Closed Course titles are the most sought-after in the sport. Racers normally fight for the crown over a series of rounds, but this year P1 won the rights to stage a winner takes all, one-off event. In addition to the racing program, the sport’s most spectacular class, the Pro Freestyle competition, attracted the best in the business. Athletes had just two minutes to impress the judges with their flips and tricks.

Staying properly hydrated during water sports is just as important as on the field or court, but can be harder to maintain because – ironically – you’re in the water. You don’t notice how much you’re sweating, whether in a wet suit or not; and you don’t notice the ambient temperature, because the water cools you. But this does nothing to stop the body losing water and electrolytes through sweating and exhalation, and it does nothing to diminish the body’s need for water and electrolytes during exertion. Travelling at high speeds, performing spectacular acrobatic jumps, you need the body strength to control the watercraft in precision maneuvers, and you need to mental acuity to do so safely and strategically. All of this requires the hydration and electrolyte delivery that Hydrus, with its breakthrough Nanosome encapsulation, does better than other beverages. And of course, Hydrus does this without any sugar, so you still look good in your wetsuit and on the beach.

Hydrus congratulates Jason and Mike Widdes, who put on their own air and water show in the Evolve Motors watercraft. Jason took first in the Pro Freestyle competition, and Mike picked up third. Summer may be winding down in Chicago, but look for the Widdes brothers competing around the country where the weather stays warm.

Enhanced hydration. Enhanced endurance. No sugar. No calories. Yes Hydrus!

(more pictures by photographer Wiesław Popławski can be seen at @instantpix on Instagram)

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