Living Better with Hydrus

Sharon Hills doesn't run marathons or compete in CrossFit events. But she has discovered the benefits of enhanced hydration in her daily life. Sharon, the famous @NerdistMom on Twitter, has experienced the boost to her overall well-being from her own words:

"One day I heard Hall of Fame basketball player, Rick Barry talking about symptoms his wife had been experiencing. As I listened, I realized they were exactly the same ones I had been dealing with for some time...headaches, rapid heartbeat, low energy late in the day. He said Hydrus Performance  had addressed these and that she was feeling great. I immediately ordered Hydrus! Five days later, I received my first box of this amazing product. The thing I found most astounding was how quickly it performed! That was about three months ago, and  I have never had the symptoms again! I drink one in the morning, one late afternoon, and one before going to bed. I have studied the effects of severe dehydration, and it is startling. I didn't even have the visible signs, but I had the internal ones. It's interesting that water alone could not provide me with the electrolytes I so desperately needed.  Hydrus has improved my life beyond words. I have told everyone I know about it, including my 25k followers on Twitter. Many have ordered and are reporting to me their great results, too! I am not being paid one cent, or one free box of product for this testimony. If I were, I wouldn't feel right about telling so many people to try it. I am grateful beyond words for Hydrus!"

You don't have to be doing high-intensity workouts to need better hydration in your life. Now we just have to develop a pet version for @NerdistDog, the energetic Benji.

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