Train and Compete like a PRO with Hydrus

In Chicago, P, R, and O stand for Perform, Realize, Obtain. And the athletes who workout at P.R.O. Fitness and Sports Academy do all three. They are proud to be PROTRAINED.

Last weekend in Detroit, the PROTRAINED team competed in the IMG 7v7 Tournament, and Hydrus™ was right there with them. 7v7 is a football game that consists of only the core players on the field. It is intense off-season training – offensively there is only passing; defensively there is no blitzing, only coverage. It is designed to hone the most complex skills and high-level thinking that a football game demands.

“The forecast was calling for high 80's and muggy so I knew it was going to be even hotter on the turf. So Friday night I had the guys drink a few cups of Hydrus more so as a precaution so they wouldn't wake up dehydrated. Saturday morning, everyone woke up feeling good. We had Hydrus before, during and after every game. The jug was always full. I believe it hit 90 degrees at one point on Saturday and the way the weather has been in Chicago, none of our kids were ready for that type of weather yet. All day Saturday I noticed kids from other teams cramping up and having to sit out. Not once did one of my guys cramp during this tournament,” reports PRO coach Jim Brinkley.

Staying hydrated with Hydrus™ helped several PROTRAINED athletes notch some serious achievements: Angelo Mayo and Anthony Woods were first team “All Tournament Team;” Cam Neely was second team; and Joe Bonds and Michael Crawford earned honorable mention. Justin Garner, Clurion Brown, Will Edwards, and Zion Fitzpatrick were also nominated for honors. And did we mention, this is a program in its inaugural year, competing in only its second tournament? Impressive! Where does Hydrus™ fit in this success story: “My guys felt no muscle soreness waking up Sunday morning either after playing 4 games on Saturday; and I owe that to Hydrus,” Coach Brinkley said.

With Hydrus™, it’s all about absorption. Hydrus’ breakthrough Nanosome™ encapsulation delivers water and electrolytes throughout the body faster. With Hydrus™, it’s also all about NO SUGAR. Without sugar, Hydrus™ makes it easier to drink enough water to stay tough and to keep pushing yourself to the next level. The Cleveland Gladiators have experienced the Hydrus™ advantage, and so have the PROTRAINED athletes who represent the best of Chicago. Coach Brinkley: “My kids love Hydrus. I started by bringing it out to practices and to some of our more intense workouts. They immediately liked the taste, which is half the battle with some of the players today. I pushed my guys to drink, drink, drink. The initial difference in the amount my guys were sweating showed they were hydrated and that it was working. Pushing it post practice and post workouts is a focus of mine also. Any way we can reduce soreness so my guys can play at the best of their ability every play, the better.  I feel that using Hydrus is one of the main reasons we are able to do that.”

Developing strength and skills is critical to young athletes in every sport. But so is developing healthy lifestyles and the awareness of how to take care of your body. Hydrus is proud to be a part of the program for PROTRAINED athletes, because hydration is critical to health and success at every age and in any pursuit. “After this past tournament, my guys ask for Hydrus for every game or practice because they know how much it works. And that is why we at PRO will only use Hydrus moving forward.”

Enhanced hydration. No sugar. No calories. Yes Hydrus – Congratulations PROTRAINED athletes!

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