Hydrus Makes Southern Lifting and Living Better

Zeb and Naomi Cheshire live, work, and workout down in the Sunshine state of Florida. Everyone knows that Florida’s sunshine comes with heat and humidity. But Zeb and Naomi have added Hydrus™ to their athletic pursuits, and here are the results:

“My wife and I both train at Go Primal Fitness, and CrossFit Magparke. We do everything from strongman training to Olympic lifting and metabolic conditioning. We both previously used various intra-workout supplements but they usually contained sugar and other things we generally try to steer clear of. Since I heard about Hydrus, we have both been using that in lieu of the other supplements. I have noticed that if I sip on the Hydrus in between sets or otherwise during the workout, I don't feel nearly as tired and depleted when the workout is over. I generally go straight to work after catching a post-workout shower. Previously, when I got to work, I would already see that my skin and lips looked dry. I haven't noticed that at all since we switched to Hydrus. My wife has noticed the same positive effect on her workouts. She is one of those people who feels constantly under-hydrated, and Hydrus seems to help greatly with that.”

Hydrus™ enhances hydration by means of its breakthrough Nanosome™ encapsulation that delivers water and electrolytes throughout the body faster. But Hydrus™ does this without sugar, meaning Hydrus™ is easier to drink and adds no calories to your diet. Zeb and Naomi have not only discovered the benefits of Hydrus™ for their workout routines, they have also found a use for Hydrus™ in their social lives:

“We recently packed some of the single-serve packets when we attended a wedding in Miami.  Of course, since it is a wedding...and since it was Miami...we over-indulged. We each drank Hydrus before bed each night and were the only ones the next morning to actually make it down to breakfast feeling fine!”

And there’s a little Cheshire who is also enjoying Hydrus™. He’s not old enough to workout yet, but as everyone knows, kids often get upset stomachs and can’t hold down food or fluids. That leads to dehydration which, in turn, delays recovery.

“When we gave Hydrus to our son during a bout with an intestinal bug, he drank it without hesitation and recovered quickly. The bug had a short duration, but we would absolutely give him Hydrus again in the unfortunate event he came down with something similar. 

We think Hydrus is great and have been spreading the word.”

Enhanced hydration. No sugar. No calories. Yes Hydrus!


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