CrossFit Cleveland Has the Hydrus Edge

The Cleveland Gladiators made Hydrus™ their official sports drink at the start of the season. After just a few weeks of using Hydrus™, Head Athletic Trainer Jeff Lambert-Shemo said, “I feel it is helping our players already. They like the flavor, how clean it tastes, and the speed with which they can drink it because it is not reliant on sugar to achieve electrolyte replacement.” Jeff didn’t keep his opinion of Hydrus™ to himself. He talked about the Hydrus-Edge to Bill Russell, executive fitness coach and trainer at CrossFit Cleveland. Now Bill and his fellow fitness professionals are offering Hydrus™ to their clients who are building better bodies and better overall health at CrossFit Cleveland:

“We’re very happy that Jeff from the Cleveland Gladiators introduced us to Hydrus earlier this year. We only provide products to our clients that our coaching staff uses personally and until now we have not had a great performance hydration solution that didn’t contain a bunch of added junk. We also don’t believe in selling a $4 can of caffeinated water with some bubbles. Hydrus is great. No sugar. No calories. No crap. The response from our clients is 100% positive.”

In or around Cleveland? Go to The Q Arena to cheer on the Gladiators, and go to CrossFit Cleveland to get yourself in top physical form. Enhanced hydration. No sugar. No Calories. Yes Hydrus

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