Hydrus Wrestling: A Success Story

The good news about the benefits of Hydrus™ has a way of spreading. National Championship wrestler Logan Stieber is a big fan and likes to tell other wrestlers about what sugarless enhanced hydration from Hydrus™ can do for them, both in training and in competition. Collegiate wrestler Anthony Romero wants to be a national powerhouse like Logan; so he took Logan’s advice about using Hydrus™. Here is Anthony’s Hydrus™ success story:

“I became intrigued about Hydrus after looking at Logan Stieber's post on Instagram where he had a bottle in one of his photos, plus he had a few hash tags on it as well. I was also watching a few of his matches, of him competing internationally, and I noticed that he just looked great on the on the mat, a full gas tank the full six minutes and a lot more dominant at the international level. So I figured, hey it looks like it's working for him so let me try it.

Fast forward to the college season earlier this year. I wrestle at 125 in the NJCAA level for Bergen CC and it was going to be my college debut against Springfield Tech and their kid was ranked #8 in the nation, so I had my work cut out for me. After the weigh in, I had my Hydrus bottle and used some for my water bottle and I felt absolutely invigorated by it. I ended up winning 9-4 in Triple Overtime and I did not feel tired at all. From then on, I did not lose a match up until the semis at the National Qualifier and NJCAA Nationals, which ironically enough were both of the times I didn't have Hydrus with me for rehydration and made the weight cut a lot less tolerable.

Every time I used Hydrus after a weigh in I felt good as new, and I definitely attribute my success in my first year of college wrestling (and just my third year of wrestling general) to how much easier Hydrus made it to rehydrate the weight cut.”

Enhanced hydration. No Sugar. No calories. Drink Hydrus - Wrestle Better!

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