The Fourth Quarter and Hydrus

There’s a pattern emerging for the Cleveland Gladiators, and it’s all about the late push. Two games in a row, first against the Tampa Bay Storm on April 9, and again one week later on April 16 against the LA Kiss, the Gladiators mounted heroic fourth quarter rallies. Squaring off against Tampa Bay, the Gladiators took the lead with one minute left on the clock, when quarterback Dennis Havrilla found Collin Taylor with a 26-yard bomb on third-and-one. Then, with just eight ticks remaining, defensive back Joe Powell intercepted Tampa Bay’s quarterback and ran 52 yards in the other direction at top speed. Final: Gladiators 41, Storm 29.

Against LA, once again, it was all about quarter four. The Kiss were on top until 13 minutes remained to play, when Havrilla ran for the touchdown, followed by the Gladiators picking up the two-point conversion, giving them a 36-33 edge. LA scored twice, and the clock wound down to 55 seconds. A Gladiators touchdown brought their score up to 42, a mere five points behind LA. Another touchdown would win it for the good guys. But it would take a successful onsides kick. And that just wasn’t in the cards.

First, both these games tell every other team you can never count the Gladiators out late in the game. They’re dangerous to the end. Second, both these games say a lot about the Gladiators endurance. The key is enhanced hydration, which gives you the physical stamina to keep playing hard all the way to the last second, and the mental sharpness to see opportunities and make quick decisions. The source of enhanced hydration for the Gladiators is Hydrus™. With its breakthrough Nanosome™ encapsulation system, Hydrus™ delivers water throughout the body faster – both to the muscles as well as to the brain. On top of that, Hydrus™ is absolutely sugar-free. Gladiators trainer Jeff Lambert-Shemo noted that players are able to drink more Hydrus™ between plays and when on the sidelines, because its sugarless nature makes it easier to take down in big gulps.

Up next for the Gladiators, on Saturday, is the Philadelphia Soul. And Hydrus™ will be right there with them. Enhanced hydration. No sugar. No calories. Yes Hydrus! Go Gladiators!

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