'Hydrus Helped Me Overcome a Complete Collateral Tear in My Elbow'

It has been a story of gains and recovery for Brittney Fey, a Conjugate CrossFit coach and athlete. And Hydrus™ has been critical in making it a success story for her. Brittney has been active in several sports since childhood, and was a two-sport standout in college, playing both soccer and running indoor/outdoor track. “After graduating from college, I was looking for the same intensity. I started my CrossFit journey in the winter of 2013. After the first day, I fell in love and wanted to continue this path.” Brittney competed in the CrossFit Open with teammates Laura Phelps-Sweatt and Amanda Hardeman.

“In the last two years, I have learned a lot about my mental and physical capacity. I train five days a week. During these days, I drink Hydrus.” CrossFit training fuelled by Hydrus™ has given Brittney the total intensity she had been looking for. “I have noticed I feel stronger and have more gains with less pain.” What Hydrus™ has brought to Brittney’s workouts is enhanced hydration; that, in turn, allows her muscles to work harder with less fatigue, leading to faster sustained muscle building. Enhanced hydration also keeps Brittney mentally sharp, allowing her to concentrate longer during tough workouts, and to stay focused during competition. Hydrus™ does this with its breakthrough Nanosome™ encapsulation system that delivers water throughout the body faster. Hydrus™ also does this with absolutely no sugar, allowing Brittney to build lean muscle without unwanted calories.

But here’s the best part: “I feel Hydrus has helped me overcome a complete collateral tear in my elbow. I tore it at the end of January 2016. I am now in the middle of completing the CrossFit Open.” The CrossFit Open began on February 25. Brittney recovered sufficiently in the space of a month to begin one of the most grueling tests in sports. And she credits Hydrus™ for giving her the ability to do that. Enhanced hydration affects every tissue in the body, even the damaged ones. The enhanced hydration that Hydrus™ brings makes overall body recovery – after injury, a hard workout, or an exhausting game – noticeably faster and more complete. “I am happy with my gains and will continue to take Hydrus on a daily basis.” Enough said.

Enhanced Hydration. No sugar. No calories. Yes Hydrus!


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