World Health Day - Beat Diabetes - Hydrus Has NO Sugar

The World Health Organization reports that about 422 million people worldwide have diabetes; and this number will likely double in the next 20 years. Type 2 Diabetes accounts for roughly 90% of the cases, and is increasing in children worldwide. Nearly half of all deaths caused by diabetes result from having high blood glucose before the age of 70.

Now for some good news – Hydrus™ has absolutely no sugar. The great taste of Hydrus™ comes from a natural extract of the Stevia plant, not sugar cane. For a diabetic athlete or for a diabetic person with an active lifestyle, Hydrus™ is ideal because its breakthrough Nanosome™ encapsulation system delivers hydration to the body faster than water alone. So you can replace vital body water more quickly, but no amount of Hydrus™ you drink will affect your blood sugar.

If you’re on a diet or otherwise trying to manage your weight, Hydrus™ adds no calories while keeping your body properly hydrated. If you have a medical condition or are taking medications that cause you to be chronically dehydrated, Hydrus™ enhances your hydration but does not alter your blood glucose.

And if you have kids who want the great taste of a sports drink, but you don’t want them guzzling all that sugar, keep Hydrus™ at home, in the car, and in the sports bags. Just add Hydrus™ to your son’s or daughter’s water and they get great flavor without any sugar – and they stay better hydrated for sharper thinking in school, and better performance during athletics.

On this World Health Day, when the theme is Beat Diabetes, reach for Hydrus™. Enhanced Hydration. No Sugar. No Calories. Yes Hydrus!

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