Cleveland Gladiators Kickoff the Season Tonight with Hydrus

Hydrus™ will be in the Gladiators’ workout gym, locker room, and on their sidelines at Quicken Loans Arena – The Q – throughout the season. Cleveland Gladiators spokesman Matt Sharp said, “We put Hydrus™ through the paces in preseason training. Our experience was that it dramatically improved player hydration, and resulted in players having more stamina and being mentally sharper. Hydrus™ also eliminated the cramping problems that some players have had, and they found much improved muscle recovery after tough workouts and practices. The Hydrus™ people told us that we would ‘Feel the Difference’ and we did. Hydrus™ is now part of the team. It’s a competitive edge on a team that intends to be more than competitive.”

Look for Hydrus™ at The Q and wherever the Gladiators are playing. Cleveland is one of America’s great sports cities, and Hydrus™ is now a part of Cleveland’s legendary sports scene.

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