Heavy Lifting with Hydrus

Laura Phelps-Sweatt loves Hydrus. “I don’t leave home without it!” And Laura can carry a lot of Hydrus with her, because she is a competitive Powerlifter. Not just any Powerlifter – Laura has broken All-Time World Records 45 times in competition. She holds the World Record Squat in the 165 and 181 pound weight classes. She holds the World Record Bench Press in the 148, 165, 181, and 198 pound weight classes. And she holds the Total World Record in the 165 and 181 pound weight classes. On top of all those impressive achievements, Laura is the first, and only, female to Total 11x Bodyweight.

“I use Hydrus daily and have found significant improvement in my hydration, performance, and recovery.” This is because, thanks to its breakthrough Nanosome™ technology, Hydrus delivers enhanced hydration, which is critical to weight training. Even low to moderate dehydration – a loss of 2%-3% of your body’s water – can cause a significant reduction in muscular endurance and power output. This means you can’t do as many reps and there is a 10%-20% reduction in the amount of weight you can lift. If you’re dehydrated during Powerlifting training or competition, you’re only lifting at 80% of your potential. By increasing your hydration with Hydrus, you can train with heavier weights and greater intensity; staying hydrated with Hydrus means you can compete at 100% of your body’s capacity; and recovering with Hydrus after training or competition, means your muscles and other tissues get the water they need for restoration faster. And Hydrus does all this with no sugar. No sugar means no calories. No claories means Hydrus keeps you hydrated without adding the kind of weight you don’t want.

“I am blown away by how significant the performance improvements are with my clients, as well,” Laura says. When she’s helping others train, Hydrus is Laura’s recommended hydration drink. And now Hydrus is the go-to hydration drink for her CrossFit training. With teammates Amanda Hardeman and Brittney Fey, Laura is participating in the CrossFit Open. Their goal as a team for CrossFit Conjugate is to qualify for regionals in Columbus, Ohio, in May. We’ll check in with Amanda and Brittney and get their take on Hydrus soon.

Enhanced hydration. No sugar. No calories. Yes Hydrus!


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