Running with Hydrus

Lexington, Kentucky, is a great sports town. And now area athletes can get Hydrus at John's Run/Walk Shop in Chevy Chase and at Palomar. John's has been providing athletes the right shoes for 38 years; now John's is providing athletes the right hydration beverage for any workout. Hydrus' breakthrough Nanosome(TM) technology enhances hydration before, during, and after a tough training session or a long race. Plus, Hydrus has no sugar, so it has no calories. Whether your on the road or the track, the court or the field, drinking Hydrus gives your body the hydration it needs for endurance without the sugar you don't need.

No more cramping, better running, enhanced hydration - look for Hydrus at John's Run/Walk Shop and start hydrating right.

Whenever you work your muscles hard, during a run or in the gym, they produce heat. Your body sweats to dissipate this heat, but loses vital water. If you don't rehydrate properly, your heart works harder, your glycogen levels drop rapidly, your thinking becomes clouded, and your body temperature rises. Water loss of more than 2% of body weight significantly diminishes your performance and can be a threat to your health.

Hydration before running or working out is critical. Two to four hours before you begin, you should be adding an ounce of water for every ten pounds of body weight. Adding Hydrus to that water enhances your hydration, but Hydrus' great taste doesn't come from sugar, so it add no calories. During a run or workout, especially the more you sweat, the more you needs to stay hydrated. But drinking too much water can cause uncomfortable bloating and can reduce the body's vital sodium balance. Drinking Hydrus gives you the electrolytes you need, but its Nanosome(TM) delivery system means less water delivers more hydration. Finally, after your run or workout are finished, drinking Hydrus boosts recovery, prevents cramping, and gets your body ready for its next challenge.

Runners and all athletes who train hard and push your bodies, look for Hydrus at John's Run/Walk Shop and start hydrating right.

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