No Sugar. No Calories. Yes, Hydrus!

Sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening…sugar even in your sports drink. Many beverages which are advertised as essential for high-performance in exercise and athletics, contain high levels of sugar. Nearly all sports drinks contain sugar and salt because the glucose-sodium co-transport mechanism assists sodium absorption into the bloodstream.  As the demand for carbonated soft drinks continues to shrink at the rate of about 2% per year – a result of warnings from the health-care professionals about dangerous levels of sugar – the demand for non-carbonated sports drinks has continued to increase at around 6% per year, including sports drinks that contain a lot of sugar.

Everyone wants to drink something that tastes good. But if the first sip or two taste bad, then you’re not going to drink it, even after a hard workout or a big game. The problem is that tasty sports drinks often come with high levels of sugar, and this is just as bad for your weight and overall health as high levels of sugar in your favorite carbonated soft drink. “The perception is that these drinks are great for athletes, that anyone who is active should drink them, but the reality is that you don’t need them,” says Barry Popkin, distinguished professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina. “It is a big, big problem.”

Now there’s Hydrus, a great tasting alternative that gets its sweetness from Stevia, a natural plant extract that’s sweeter than sugar, but comes with no calories. That’s right, Hydrus is a sports drink for hydration and performance that has no sugar and no calories. “Sugar calories are the worst, because they turn to fat in the liver, driving insulin resistance, and driving risk for diabetes, heart, and liver disease,” states Dr. Robert Lustig, professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco.

Hydrus’ NanosomeTM encapsulation technology delivers electrolytes with unrivaled speed and effectiveness, but without sugar or calories.  If you’re exercising hard, playing hard, or working hard, and you want a sports drink, reach for Hydrus.

No sugar. No Calories. Yes Hydrus!

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